Saturday, August 20, 2005

A productive weekend

I had a very productive weekend so far. It started Thursday night when I went into Roland’s room to clean it and get it ready to vacuum really good. I got ambitious on Friday morning and went ahead and moved his bed to the other wall (he had wanted to do that earlier this summer) and started getting ideas of what he needed and did not need in regards to furniture and old toys. This morning, Jeff and I went to Target and bought a 5 shelf book case to replace his 3 shelf book case. He really needed the extra storage, and the 3 shelf book case is going to Jakob’s room on Sunday. I started finding stuff to put into Jakob’s room and also things for another garage sell and also trash. Before we had the last garage sell, I ran out of time to really go through Roland’s room, so I already have a decent pile. For instance, we had Monopoly and Monopoly Deluxe; and obviously we do not need both versions of the game!

Jeff helped me move up the dresser that we got from my neighbors for free. They bought new furniture for Mathew (6) and they put a few things out to the curb. They told us they were cleaning house and had earlier asked if we wanted a computer desk, but it is a pretty big desk, and we didn’t have room for it. But later, I peeked out after they had put that out and I went to look at it, and it looks really good. It’s missing a handle for the top drawer and the bottom drawer had to have the track re-screwed on, but other than that it looks really nice. Jeff and I didn’t buy fancy furniture, because long run, he could end up drawing on it anyhow!!

I also cleaned out the garage somewhat. Moving the dresser inside the house cleared some space in the garage, and on Sunday, I want to go to Walmart/Home Depot to find a good waterproof lock for the shed. I want to put the lawn mower and a few other items in the shed.

As I was cleaning and moving things around after I got the shelf put together this afternoon, I was moving Legos that are put together. The big Legos are nice to keep together, but they just need a place to go. I moved his shark and dinosaur, and then felt like playing. His dinosaur Lego, Mom bought him for Christmas, did not stand properly by itself, but you could make other style dinosaurs if the t-rex style wasn’t the one put together. Well, Roland likes playing with the big Legos like that, but has a hard time actually completing them because they take so long. So, I thought I would surprise him and took apart the big t-rex (that took me all of Christmas Day to put together!) and built a few different dinosaurs. I put them on his new shelf and then decided to build the fish and squid from his shark set from the extra pieces. I think he’ll think it’s cool that they are put together, and has a better spot to put them after he’s done, and they are up high so other kids or baby brothers can’t get to them in the future!

I applied for the University of North Texas, this past Monday. I’m down to 3 classes left at the Dallas Community Colleges for the Fall. I have a History, Literature, and a How to Teach Math class this upcoming semester. The Literature and History class are both online like the two I took during the summer. The Literature class has already posted information on what to read and study for, so I started reading the first story. Officially, my classes start next Monday, 8/29. But the Math class is on Saturdays, so it starts on September 10th due to Labor Day. But the funny story, I accidentally initially sent my mom the Non-Resident prices of how much UNT was going to cost. At that moment, I was thinking I wasn’t staying on campus, so Non-resident. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that it was for Resident of Texas. I had Mom already worried, but she was much happier to find out the price was much less. Still more than the Community of course, but the prices I gave her were close to a private college versus a state college.

UNT has a Transfer Scholarship for transfer students who transfer more than 45 hours with at least a 3.0 or higher of $1000. I currently meet both requirements and hope I’ll get the scholarship. It said somehow it’s renewable, but not sure how and it’s automatically done by the college based on how much money they have and 1st come 1st serve. So I’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed being that I applied early for the Spring semester, that I might get it.

Oh, and Jeff might start back and work toward some type of Business Management degree from the college. I pointed out to him all the different online classes, etc etc. He has so many hours, and mainly had problems in the past with work and actually getting to the college on time. So I’m hoping he’ll speak to the counselor when we go to UNT in the beginning of September when I go to speak to the counselor to get a degree plan for me. He also took another certification test (forget which one) on Thursday and passed it.

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