Sunday, April 24, 2005

No More GameStop

Well, last week was my last week to work for GameStop. It feels nice not having my work cell phone that would constantly ring and the stress of stores not doing what they should in the first part! It really has been a great sigh of relief.

I register for my Biology class on Monday. It's an online class that starts on May 13 - July 29th. Have almost 3 months to work on it and should have plenty of time being I'll be at home. I took the class before a long time ago but didn't do very good. I had too much going on at the time. I should finish my Associates in Arts Degree at Brookhaven College this Fall and start UNT in the Spring. I'm planning teaching either elementary or middle school after finishing UNT. I'm so excited!!

We went to Target and Kroger yesterday. We also went to Taco Delite and had lunch before going to the grocery store. We had a coupon for Taco Delite and saved 50% off our meal. The meal only cost Jeff and I both $5.53! Saved $5.00 for food. We went to Target and needed a few baby items (formula, etc) and saved $3.05 there. Our last trip was at Kroger. We needed to go badly for basic items like milk, bread, etc. I was proud of what we got and spent. We stayed within our budget and saved $11.00 in coupons. I always point out to Jeff how much we saved due to coupons. Yesterday we saved over $19.00 in coupons. Pretty much paid for his renewal card for his World of Warcraft game.

It's hard to believe, but Jakob is still sleeping right now. I guess he figures it is Sunday and wanted to sleep in for a change! He is sleeping through the night in his crib also. Mom couldn't believe that between 8:00-9:00 that he begins to get a little fussy. We feed him his last bottle around that time and then simply lay him down in his bed with his pacifier and he falls alseep on his own. Then he sleeps until normally 7am. Guess he knew Jeff and I were sleeping in a bit (we woke up at 7:30). It's now 8:30am, and he's beginning to talk a bit. He's probably looking at the mirrror on his crib. Mom made the mistake of laying him in his crib during the daytime this past week and she said he screemed!! She was like he was saying he was NOT going to bed at that time! She laughed because she layed him on his downstairs bed (bassinet/playpen bed) and he's happy.

Well, I better go get a bottle started. He's gonna tell me he's hungry any moment now.

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Coupons are great. Are you leaving geocities?


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