Monday, October 24, 2016

Eisenhower State Park: Cross Way UMC Youth Camp Out

Eisenhower State Park
Cross Way UMC Youth Camp Out
October 21 - October 23, 2016

My family and I went to McDonalds on the way to my youth camp out. When we arrived; it was about 700pm. I asked my friends if I could sleep with them in their cabin since I couldn’t sleep in my tent by myself. When they heard me ask the question; they were like “ No Way!” so I was worrying about where i’d sleep. We went to the lake to explore, so we found so many amazing shells and rocks. Later we came back up and I asked the same question again, “May I sleep in your cabin tonight?” but like again, it was no. Tori came to me and asked me if I was all right, so I commented, “Yes,I’m fine,” to avoid having to come in contact with getting sadder. Sooner we decided to play hot potato with Bret’s “Fat Ball,” and it was pretty fun, yet around 1100pm to 1200am we finally had the time to go to bed.


I woke up and used a viola recording to wake everyone up at 810 am. We all chilled till 900 am and had pancakes for breakfast, so I had 3 pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast; some of the kids in youth ( including me ) went down to the lake and hiked about a mile and came back from our rocky hike. Even we went on steep rocks above water, yet when we were scared about being above the water. When we came back, we had a lesson about influence. After the lesson, we had a scavenger hunt that we had to take selfies, so we won scissors and duct tape for having the best rough/bumpy picture. We had a road; when we took it, it looked like a W. After that, we chilled and some people went out on a hike. When it was close to dinner, we all did pumpkin carving. I took the most time to make my pumpkin and I made a sabertooth cat.When I finished, I went down to the lake and asked if anybody was down there, but no one responded, so I started to wait for them and they turned up. We went up and decided to wait and chill. Then we played a game called mummy and you had to wrap up some one, so then they would escape. The girls won and we lost. THEN I FINALLY went to bed in my tent I pitched up all by myself.


I woke up and decided to pack all my stuff up and followed the scout rule. Finished packing up that took me an hour and 30 minutes; then had breakfast. During breakfast we had a lesson on a Disciple having to be Jesus. Then Garret, John, and I went down to the lake to explore some more, but then I heard my dad call my name so I headed up. We all had my belongings packed up and left to go home. I was listening to Weird Al on the way back.

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