Sunday, January 26, 2014

Smith Family Menu ~ Week of January 27 - February 2nd

It has been a few weeks since I have truly been able to sit down and plan our upcoming meals.  This is something that I really enjoy having done since weeknights are so much easier.  I started reading more from 100 Days of Real Food and using her guides for lunch.  However, I am not 100% sure of each day for lunch yet.  I will take a picture each day and make a collage or post throughout the week. :)

Bacon Sandwiches
Eggs w/Bacon
Pancakes (from freezer)

Sausage w/Potatoes and Green Beans
Hot Dogs, Chips, & Fruit
BBQ Dry Rub w/Chicken, Corn, and Green Beans
Sausage w/Spinach and Rice
Tacos, Refried Beans, & Chips

Need other ideas, check out my previous menu plans.  Want more ideas, see a bunch more menu plans where I linked up at Org Junkie!

Here are some pictures of my lunches from last week!

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