Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finals 7/26/2013

I had a great week coupon shopping!  I finished off a $20 gift card at CVS and spent $4 on lots of supplies at Staples!
CVS 7/26/13 - Saved $59.63
Staples 7/26/13 - Saved $15.39

I went to Target today with the kiddos this morning.  We did pretty good considering the amount we needed and I was able to keep kids entertained as I explored all over the store!  Majority of the items I purchased at Target were either on sale or had a price cut.  I even took a few pictures of product marked on sale or temporary price cut to remind myself to grab coupons.  (I'm not that coupon shopper that brings her entire coupon book to the store.  I plan out my shopping trip ahead of time and pull the needed coupons.  I find it much easier.)

I spent $132.93 and saved $65.44 or 33%.  I do not have a picture from Target, but I will mention to make sure you have connected with Target's new Cartwheel program.  It allows you to save additional money on top of manufacturer and their Target coupons that print!

Overall, for this week we spent $153.86 and saved $140.46 or 48% saved!  My goal is to get back to our weekly trips and continue doing our menu planning because that really helps overall on our budget.

Isn't the Savings Tracker awesome!  Find and track your savings at Southern Savers!

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