Friday, January 04, 2013

Progresso Soups at Target and Costco

Today, I took the Honda Pilot to Costco to get the tires rotated and balanced.  While I waited I walked around the store.  We needed a few items that we tend to purchase from Costco rather than Target.  I attempt to be careful at Costco because the unit rate on the prices can be higher than the unit rate of the same item at Target or other stores.  For instance, I do not purchase shampoo and conditioner from Costco because I can get it much less at CVS by rolling ECB.

Today I noticed they had Progresso Soups in an 8 pack.  I had just purchased those at Target on sale with coupons.  Costco's price was around $13.  I purchased 8 cans of my choice at $1.49 each which is $11.92.  Then used two coupons for $1.00/4 which brought the cost down to $9.92 before tax and my 5% savings from using a Target debit card.

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