Saturday, April 14, 2012

Freedom Run 5K to Shopping with Coupons!

Saturday morning, I participated in Freedom Run 5K run with my pastor and his wife.  Overall, I finished right at 42 minutes.  I have been exercising on the elliptical, but had not actually ran outside!  I'm thinking about letting Jakob play with chalk outside while I do the Couch 2 5K application on my phone and slowly build my endurance.

Last week, I learned about Bountiful Baskets and signed up for basket.  The first basket is $15.00 plus a $3.00 fee to allow them to purchase the laundry basket, and an online fee for $1.50.  So overall for my first basket, I spent $19.50 for everything above!  Next time it will be $16.50 with the online processing fee.  I think in about two weeks, we will get another basket of fruits and vegetables.  The program is volunteer driven to keep the cost down, so I think I will try to volunteer within the next month.

I think it is pretty neat and thinking about trying to make some basic baby food from it for Ashlyn to help in the cost of her baby food since she is eating more and more!  I might try to cook a few of the pears and lightly mash them.  She is getting to the point where she is eating Cheerios and random bread, so she would probably do okay with lightly mashed fresh pears.

I realized on Saturday afternoon, I had a $1.00 ECB expiring on Sunday, 4/15, and since I had plans to run to Target I figured I should try to use it on something.  I have some other ECB, but there was not anything else we really needed or wanted so I am saving those.  I picked up the feminine pads for $3.99 and used a $1.00 coupon and the $1.00 ECB and paid $2.15 for them out of pocket today.  Then it printed me a another ECB for $2.00 to use on my next trip!  I currently have $11.00 in ECB for a future trip!!

After running to CVS, Jakob, Ashlyn, and I went to Target.  We bought some more baby food, including meat, which sure adds up.  The price of baby food is leaning me toward learning how to make some of the simple things.  My time is valuable, so I will probably not be able to make too much food.  I will have more time (sorta) in the summer months, but will also be enrolled in classes for my graduate's degree. Together, we spent $71.83 at Target today.  The food purchased will last us easily into next weekend and we have plenty to make food from home the rest of the week between Target and our new co-op!  Here's the breakdown of my Target trip:

2 - Sippy Cups $2.79each = $5.58
12 - Gerber Meat 2nd Foods $0.99each = $11.88
3 - Up & Up Puffs $1.57each = $4.71
6 - Gerber 2nd Foods Vegetables $0.97each = $5.82

Market Pantry Egg Substitutes $2.54
Market Pantry 2% Milk $2.59
Uncrustables $2.94
Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1.59
Market Pantry Pepperoni $2.99
3 - Ragu Pizza Sauce $1.09 each = $3.27 - ON SALE

1lb Strawberries $1.99 - ON SALE

4 - Head & Shoulders $4.74each - ON SALE
-B1G1 Head & Shoulders product, max $9.99, PG 4/01
-B1G1 Head & Shoulders product, max $9.99, PG 4/01
=$9.48 for all 4 (Jeff and Roland use these from time to time, so this will last for a while!)

Up & Up Hand Wipes $2.49  

Weight Watchers Deal:
14 - Variety of Weight Watchers Meals (I purchased a variety including one breakfast meal and one dessert Weight Watcher Meal)
-$5/12 Weight Watchers Smart Ones (Facebook) printable 
-FREE Breakfast Weight Watchers WYB 6 Meals
-Target Deal: Buy 6 Get 1 Free
-Target Deal: Buy 6 Get 1 Free
=$21.27 or $1.52each

Pokemon Cards $4.19

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