Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips - Target, Costco, and JcPenney

Since my mom came to visit on Saturday, I picked up everything we needed from Target to make it quicker and easier this week instead of also going to Kroger.  I did not have too many items on the list.  We spent $52.21 and saved $24.85 or 32%.  We bought groceries, personal items, and batteries.

On Tuesday, I needed to get a few things from Costco.  Since school starts back up on Monday we needed some basic breakfast items.  I picked up a few things for my classroom and we found a Halloween costume for Jakob for about half the cost it would have been at Party City in October, so I went ahead and purchased it. 

Weekly Grocery/Household Stores:
Total Before sales and coupons: $172.21
Total spent: $122.96
Total saved: $49.25 or 29%

Jeff, Roland, Jakob, Ashlyn, my mom, and I went ot JcPenney's on Saturday evening after dinner.  We had two $10 off $10 coupons and a few $10 off $25 coupons to use.  Roland was able to get lots of new clothes for school and we finished the gift card my mom purchased for him earlier in the summer.  Overall, my mom spent $118.39 for everything below including the gift card.  Factoring the gift card out, she only spent $82.24.  Roland's jeans by themselves were $20 each and his shirts were $10 each.  Without the additional coupons, we would have spent $140 plus tax on just Roland.  However, we were also able to get Jakob new underwear and a Halloween shirt for Ashlyn.  The store was super busy with Back-to-School shopping along with their advertised deals and coupons.  Sections in the store were well picked over!

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