Monday, August 09, 2010

Vacation Day 3 - Sea World San Diego

We went to Denny's for breakfast this morning.  After breakfast we headed to Sea World.  We arrived at Sea World around 9:30AM PST and ended up staying until after 7PM!  Since we were at Sea World right at open, we were able to get a cute picture with Shamu and the kids!  They had some other characters, but Jakob wasn't interested in them.  This was Jakob's first trip to any large amusement park.
We went and saw the Dolphin show first.  I have always enjoyed watching the dolphins.

We fed the sea lions and they were so funny to feed since they would literally open their mouths wide and wait for you to drop food into their mouths!  We had to watch out for the seagulls because they were trying to steal the food away and eat it!

One thing Jeff and I noticed was none of the trainers were in the water.  It probably is due to the incident that occurred in February 2010 in Orlando where the killer whale pulled the trainer into the water and was killed.

We asked Jakob if he wanted to sit in the soak zone, but he said no!  It's a good thing because we probably would have been wet!

We saw the polar bears at the right time since they were active and waiting for food.  They were impressive to see and are so big!!

Since we fed the sea lions earlier in the day, we had to see their show.  The sea lion shows are usually pretty funny and Jakob really enjoyed this show!

One of the last things Jeff, Roland, and Jakob did at Sea World was ride a water ride!  Jakob had been wanting to do them all day along with Roland.  So near the end, we saw this ride and it was great because I was able to take pictures as they went around the corner!  They all really enjoyed the ride!

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