Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Minute Details

It sure was a busy Tuesday.  We started by taking Roland to his orthodontics appointment.  It went well and I scheduled his next appointment in September.  He will begin using rubber bands in September and they told him the better he uses them, the sooner the braces will come off.  Hopefully, it will be a good incentive.

We went to SAS to pick up my new shoes to wear while we are in San Diego.  I need to go back before school starts and pick up one or two more pairs of shoes.  I bought a few before over three years ago and the shoe quality just last and they are really comfortable.  We then proceeded to Target and Half Priced Books.  Somehow, we did not remember everything we needed from Target because we went on Wednesday too!

Teacher's Tools was having a storewide special on Tuesday.  The entire store was 20% off and so I went and purchased some items for my classroom.  It was so busy in that store and always even harder to shop when you have kids with you!  We made it okay and found snacks afterwards which helped dramatically.  We were all getting tired and hot by this point in our day.

We were down to two more stops for the day, Staples and Kohl's.  I am glad Roland was with me at Staples because he picked up a book bag which will be free after the Easy Rebate.  They will send me a gift card back to Staples, but I can get other items at that point!  We found the items we needed at Kohl's for the upcoming trip and then headed home!

We went to Christopher and Banks on Wednesday and I picked up some new jeans, a shirt, a pair of capris, and a skirt.  I finally used my $25 gift card I received a long time ago.  They have a 20% savings to all teachers through August 1st.  I sure love when they do percent savings overall, does not make me feel as bad if I pick up a few new items!  Most of the things I purchased are going with us to San Diego.

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