Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Bears..Oh My

Roland had his first orthodontics appointment on Monday. The planned treatment is about 20 months. They created his records by taking more x-rays and creating his mold of his teeth. They also put spacers, or separators, between the back teeth to create space so that orthodontic bands can be placed at his next appointment. He has instructions regarding the spacers. However, he CANNOT have any sticky foods, such as: gum, caramels, taffy, now and later candy, tootsie rolls, starburst, licorice, or skittles. There is a list of foods he also cannot have once he gets his braces. Looking at our schedules, Roland has band camp next week (6/15-6/19) and a vacation with us the week after (6/22-6/27). They did not want him to be sore for band camp or the vacation. I was able to schedule his top braces on Monday, June 29th at 8AM. They do top first and then bottom to give them time for the adjustment in their mouth.

We went swimming with Jakob's friend on Tuesday. They came over to our apartment at 10AM and we went to the pool for a good 2 hrs! By noon, they were getting hungry and cranky. They were much better after eating hot dogs. The boys played after eating with toys and then it was time for naps.

Roland had a dentist appointment on Wednesday. He had one of his bottom incisor teeth either chipped or had a soft spot when it initially came in and was more and likely missing part of his tooth. He started going to Jakob's dentist in Coppell since he is covered under our insurance. I told him after his mouth was no longer numb, we would go and get ice cream. I looked up coupons for Sonic and they had a few Buy 1 Get 1 Free ice cream deals. After Jakob woke up around 3PM, I decided it wasn't TOO hot and we would walk. This way I knew I would burn some calories to be able to eat the ice cream! I ended up ordering 2 chocolate sundaes and 1 ice cream in a dish. The coupon made one of the ice cream sundaes free and figured Jakob would eat one. Sonic also has a special between 2PM-4PM where all drinks and slushies were half price. The boys originally wanted slushies, but the machine was not working. I ordered cherry limeades instead (Jakob wanted a red drink) and me a diet cherry limeade. Overall, I only spent $5.51 for everything and figured that was okay. Before we left for Sonic, I had looked up the point values of the different ice creams. The ice cream in a dish was only 6 points and knew that would not ruin my day of eating good (especially since we were walking too). The ice cream comes out and guess which one Jakob wanted...the one with NO chocolate or the cherry! I let Roland have the cherry because he asked but I thought it was just too funny based on how I had it all planned out!

Thursday sure was busy. We went and listened to the story time at Barnes and Noble. It was okay. The lady reading held the book so she could read it and then held it out for the kids to see the pictures. It really is not hard to hold the book where the kids can see the pictures and read it at the same time! Jakob's friend, Mason, and his mom were with us and we both agreed! The other thing was she was reading 2 princess books! There were 4 girls and 2 boys there listening. What Kristi and I did not understand was why didn't she read one about a princess and one about a knight and a dragon. Oh well! After we finished at Barnes and Noble, it was time to take Roland back to his mom's house.

The Lewisville Library had Kelly the clown from the Ringling Bros. Circus on Thursday afternoon. He was quite funny and entertaining. Jakob and Mason both laughed! The circus teams up with the library each year to give free tickets for children to the circus for reading 5 books. Jakob has read his 5 books, now I just need to take it to the box office and exchange it for the actual ticket. While we were there we learned how to get free tickets for adults too! We became FANS on their Facebook page and once they get to 1000, we will get 1 free ticket per household. I love free events! Sometime in July or August, we will go watch the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.Mom visited for Friday and Saturday. We had to run errand and we went to the post office, CVS, McDonalds, my doctor's appointment, haircut for Jakob, Wal-Mart, and last but not least Starbucks! We did all of this before 4:00PM! We really needed the recharge at Starbucks! We had dinner at Olive Garden and then did a walk around the complex while Jakob rode on his bicycle. On Saturday morning, we woke up and went to Staples and Kohl's. I wanted to use a coupon for Staples for a current special on paper. Mom laughs because she has tons of paper, but I told her I tend to use my rebates from recycling my print cartridges for paper. The special this week was a ream of copy paper for $1 after store coupons and Stapes easy rebates. It was too good of a deal! We headed for Chick-Fil-A to purchase lunch and take home to eat before going to our first musical of the year. We saw the Wizard of Oz and it was good. The inside jokes here and there were funny. For instance, the cowardly lion talks about how he didn't have any courage. He continues to go on about how his father took him up on a high rock looking over the village and told him how one day it would all be his! Then comments how he was afraid of heights. Nice Lion King reference within the musical to make you laugh! The musical was very similar to the actual movie, in reference to the dialogue and singing. However the special effects and the overall performance makes these musicals fun and exciting!

Today, I would like to do some cleaning around the apartment. We are halfway through June and I have not done any scrapbooking!! NONE, ZILCH, ZERO!! Part of the problem is my mess in my room! I have stuff all of the place right now on my card table (scrap table) making it really tough to do any artsy craft stuff. So hopefully, I will get in gear and clean today!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am proud of my walking last week. I had 14.7 miles!

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