Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walgreens: April 26th

I had such the hassle at Walgreens today! I went in and did my first transaction to purchase the Listerine. They were 2/$8.00 with $3 RR. I paid the transaction and went to my car. I came back in and the lady said, "Did you forget something?" My second transaction was to purchase the Scurbbing Bubbles Starter kit. They are on sale this week for $13.99 with a $3 RR. I also had a $7/1 coupon. However, when they ran the item, I had the previous $3 RR and my $7/1 coupon. I was told I had to have the number of items for all the coupons. According to their rules, I needed a minimum of 2 items for the transaction since I had 2 manufactured coupons. Walgreens consideres their RR as a “Manufacture Coupon”. I told them I would be right back and would decide on what I wanted to buy since I had other coupons in the car. I ended up purchasing an extra pack of gum to make the transaction work. I ended up with a leftover $3 RR that I will need to try to use next week because they tend to expire within a week or two of their printing date.

I prefer shopping at CVS. They are so much nicer in the store. When their register system prints an ECB, you can turn around and use what you need to pay for the transaction. I can tell why I do not shop at Walgreens as often.

Overall, I did good still at Walgreens today.

$3 RR wyb Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner kit or Windex all in glass cleaning kit at $13.99
-$7 off Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Starter Kit, printable (makes it $3.99 after RR)

$4 RR wyb (2) or more Listerine mouthwash at 2 for $8
-$2 off Catalina coupon from Walgreens
-$1 off Catalina coupon from Walgreens

General Mills Cereal 3/$7
-$0.55 off coupon

Trident 3 pack Gum 2/$4
-$1.00 off coupon


Total Before Savings and Coupons: $41.50
Total After Store Savings: $28.89
Total Spent: $13.34
Total Saved: $
28.16 or 68%

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