Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jakob and the potty

Monday morning, Jakob woke up at 5:50 am. I heard him and was thinking to myself why are you up so early? So I was about to put him back to bed when I asked him, "Do you need to go pee pee?" He said, "Pee, pee. Yes." I was shocked because normally when this question was asked he would yell NO! So we headed to his bathroom and he continued to be happy. He sat down and after a short moment, he went to the bathroom! I was so proud and glad I hadn't put him back to bed. Later Monday evening, he also went to the bathroom before going to bed.

Yesterday morning, he woke up around 6:00 am and we had the same routine. He sat and went to the bathroom! To my knowledge, he didn't go at school; his main teacher is sick and hasn't been there this week so far. I suspect when she gets back it'll help his routine at school. Since he went again yesterday morning, we put him in pull-ups.

And today, 4th of July, he woke up at 6:00 am and diaperless! However we went to the bathroom and after a short moment, he went to the bathroom. When I found his diaper in his bedroom it was completely dry!!

My little boy is growing up!

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