Saturday, February 25, 2006

A great week!

Well, it is Saturday evening and today was nice with the rain. It made to be a nice goof off day, so Jakob and I watched the rain most of the day. This morning, Jakob and I went to Kroger shortly after Jeff left for work. The rain was in between us and had come to barely a drizzle at 8am. So I decided to throw on some sweats, and get there while it was slow and while Jakob was happy! We did really well at the store, I love my coupons, and the price started at $150 when he finished scanning everything. I had 2 really good coupons; one was for $12 off if you spend $120 and the other was $5 off if you spend $50. Well, I’m sure both coupons were not supposed to be used together, but the guy scanned them all in, so I was quite happy with that. With my other coupons, (Kroger does double/triple all the time) it brought the total price down from $150 to $115! I didn’t realize I had that many other good little coupons too!

Well, on Thursday, I bought a new book bag at Target. I noticed earlier in the week that my JanSport bag had a tear between the strap and the bag. The funny thing is that the bag is over 10 years old. Mom and I couldn’t remember exactly when we bought it, but it’s at least 10 years, but I think it’s older. I remember we bought the bag at Mervyn’s in Killeen Mall and when Mom said she would buy it, she said, now if we buy this bag, you can’t have a new one every year, you have to make it last because it’s much more expensive than the other bags. I think the bag cost $40-50 then…and it seems like I had it in middle school which puts the bag older than 10 years for sure. Oh well. I have a new bag that I found at Target with lots of good pockets and it’s all organized. It’s actually more comfortable and has more padding than my other bag. (I’m sure the JanSport had padding 10-15 years ago!)

I did well on my first round of test in school. My best exam was my Stats class, with a 99% on my first exam! YEAH! I made an 88% on my first Science test and with bonus points; I actually still have an average of 104%! I didn't do as good on my Geography test, made a 70%; average in there is currently an 82%. I took another Math test last Wednesday, and a Science lab test on Tuesday, and I think I did good on both of those. Hopefully, I’ll find out next week on those tests. But, I was thinking since this is the first time that I have gone to school full time, I am pretty happy with all A’s and 1 B.

I was playing with my schedule and it looks like I will be able to finish my classes at UNT Summer 2007 and start my student teaching (which I have to do before graduation) Fall 2007 and finish student teaching Spring 2008 and then would graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree May 2008! To get it all done, I will have to continue full time plus, but it’s exciting to see that my actual “main” classes will be finished by next summer! Plus by doing it this way, my student teaching lines up with the regular school schedule. With graduating in May, it’ll be a little easier finding a job starting August/September 2008. Perfect!

Oh, and Jakob is doing really good in his school. He has also gotten used to going and loves it! On Friday, he acted like he didn’t want to leave. He continued to play when I arrived and acted like he wasn’t ready to leave. He was too busy playing! He and another student were listed as student of the month for the February newsletter for doing so well adjusting to the new schedule and listening so well. It was cute to read the newsletter and read about some of the older grades. He has started walking really good. He still loses his balance every now and then, but does pretty good most of the time. He started clapping about two weeks ago and has copied his friend, Kaden, in regards to making the Indian sound using your mouth. It’s amazing how much he has learned the past month at school.

Well, I think I’ll go take a nice hot bath and relax a bit. I have finished my goals today for school. I have part of term paper to work on tomorrow, but other than that, I finished reading chapters and other to-do’s during the week. Made it nice, I can relax some since I did so good during the week.

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