Saturday, October 01, 2005

An update...FINALLY!

I have been so busy with school, that I have had hardly any free time to post things here, but here's a quick update of this past week:

Tuesday afternoon, Jakob and I went to an Italian restaurant, called Roma’s, with Amy and had a nice lunch. Jakob had lots of cheerios, while I had Spaghetti with meat sauce. It was nice to get out of the house and have a nice lunch every now and then. The restaurant is maybe a mile and half away and has done really well. It was in one of those locations that seemed to have many things open and close there, but it has now been open for about two-three years now!

We also had Direct TV installed Tuesday morning. We finally decided we wanted to have a digital recorder and we were tired of our cable going in and out. We currently have a TON of channels, but once our promo is over, we're planning to go with the basic channels and keep Netflix for our movies. The neat thing about it is we can record multiple shows that are on at the same time and pause live tv. Jeff and I said it was an early anniversary gift to each other!

On Friday, Lana came to bring my Ford Explorer back home. Greg and she borrowed it to get the stackable washer and dryer home for Brett. We went over to pick up Roland after school, and then she treated me to lunch at Olive Garden for my birthday! I haven’t been there for quite some time, and it was sure good! Roland has Fall Break currently, so he went back with Lana and is in Abilene until Sunday. We will meet at Spring Creek (BBQ place) Sunday evening to pick up Roland. He is then at our house until Thursday evening, and then we’ll take him back to his mom’s house.

Today, I had my math class. The math class is going good, and I understand it quite well. I actually worked on homework (for math) during class when she kept explaining how to do something for others! I figured I completely understood it, I would move on! We were assigned new group members today, and that was odd, but I like everyone in my new group. This afternoon when I got home, I decided to switch laundry, do the dishes, and then head to the library to get some good study time in for history and to finish math. It was worth the trip. I was able to finish my Math homework and take really good notes on the first section of history. I am doing great in Math and English. I have an “A” average currently in both of those, but I’m borderline “B/C” in History. History is kicking my butt a little, but I think it would be a little easier if it was a traditional class versus an online class.

For my birthday from Jeff I got Gilmore Girls Season 4. That show is so cute to watch! I got cards and emails from many people, so thanks everyone!

***Oh, and I did speak with a UNT counselor, and I'll need about 60 hours once I transfer to UNT plus my student teaching. Most of my core classes will be completed due to getting everything needed for my Associates in Arts Degree from the DCCCD Colleges. I am estimating 3-4 years before getting it done. My goal is to take 18 hours between Fall and Spring, plus 1-2 classes during the summer if possible.

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