Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ashlyn's Kindergarten Report Card - 2nd Six Weeks

Our district uses standards based grading for elementary which indicates what level students are on for specific student friendly TEKS.  I personally love it especially for the younger grades because it helps parents know what their children are working on and where we can help give support at home.  The report cards also indicate which topics will be upcoming.  

The report card grading scale:

  • meets standards 3
  • developing 2
  • beginning 1

Integrated Language Arts


Use strategies to comprehend a variety of texts - 2

Writing Process and Conventions

Use the writing process to compose a variety of texts - 2

Listening and Speaking Conversations

Listen attentively - 3
Communicate ideas, experiences, and needs using academic language - 3

Early Literacy Inventory (ELI/SELI)

Letter Identification - 3
Letter Sounds - 3
Concepts about Print - 2
Phonological Awareness - 2

Guided Reading Level

Student Guiding Reading Level - B
Student Uses Strategies to Comprehend Guided Reading Text - 2


Compose and decompose numbers with objects and pictures - 3

Assessing Math Concepts

Counting Objects

Keep track while counting accurately, remember how many, and cont up to a particular quantity - 3

Social Studies

Social Studies Conceptual Understanding
Participate as an Informed citizen of a Constitutional Republic

Identify rules and their purpose - 3


Physical Science

Describe the way objects move - 3

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