Thursday, July 11, 2013

School Supply Shopping at Staples

Don't forget to check out Jenny at Southern Savers.  Here's this week's Staples ad she put together.

When shopping for school supplies, you can save more money by buying supplies each week when the stores place them on sale.  Make yourself a list of the items you need using an online drive, such as Google or iCloud.  We use Google Drive as I purchase items, I mark bought and the price I spent along with where I purchased it.  The reason is if something goes drastically on sale at a much lower price I paid before I can return it.

Plus, if you have not already purchased the Back-to-School Savings Pass you will want to purchase it on your next transaction.  It cost $10, but allows you to save 15% on each transaction.  It can only be used once per day.  It discounts pretty much everything in the store.

I also traded in three ink cartridges which will get me $6 back next month to use toward items.

Staples Cap Erasers 12 pk.
Staples Ruled 3 x 5 White Index Cards 100 pk.
BIC Round Stic Ballpoint Pens 8 pk.

The Staples computer ream paper is on sale for $6.99, but after an instant rebate it will be $0.01!  The limit is two for this item.  This is a great time to purchase it because they will continue to run specials similar throughout all of the back to school ads.

Staples Erasers 3pk - $2
Pocket Folders - $0.15 (These are regularly priced at $0.50 and higher.
Highlighers - $2each
Mechanical Pencils - $1

The total spent on this transaction was $23.14!

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