Friday, March 23, 2012

Baking Bread using my Bread Maker

On Wednesday afternoon, my new Breadman bread maker arrived from Amazon.  My mom graciously donated money toward purchasing it.  We made a 2lb loaf of white bread Wednesday evening and it was pretty good.

Today, I began experimenting using the same recipe.  However this time I did a 1-lb loaf of white bread on the light setting.  The current recipe is from the Breadman instruction manual.  I have not bought any bread recipe books.  I looked at a few at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday and Wednesday, but have not decided on a specific book.  If you have any recommendations, I would love the feedback!

All ingredients in the bread maker.

About three hours later, bread is cooked and ready to cool.

The bread is ready for dinner.
With our upcoming menu for next week, we have plans to make a french loaf and pizza dough for the pizza!  Originally, I thought about making corn bread with dinner tonight but did not realize we were out of cornmeal.  There is always next time!

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