Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walgreens and CVS Shopping Savings 1/29~2/7

My husband stopped by Walgreen's after church this morning to pick up three boxes of taco shells and three boxes of hamburger helper.  This week, Walgreen's has both taco shells and hamburger helper on sale for $0.99 which is my buying price and we had coupons!  He did good, he spent $4.59 and saved $9.15 or 67% with coupons and savings.

I went quickly to CVS next after the boys got home and we had lunch.  I bought Mayonnaise, two Lipton teas, two Ragu's tomato sauce, two Centrum vitamins, four Dawn soaps, a gallon of milk, and two bags of Hershey kisses for Jakob to take to school (requested for a project).  I spent $22.15 today and saved 34.97 or 61%.  Funny thing from the CVS trip was as I was purchasing the Hershey kisses, I realized I did not look for coupons for them!  It looks like I could have saved an extra dollar, but oh well!  He needed them for school and we spent much less than I originally figured they might cost.  I also have $3.00 remaining in ECB for the next trip.

Now, I'm checking out Southern Savers to help me decide on what to get at Target and Kroger this week.  Kroger is having a Mega Event and I tend to only shop at Kroger when they have Mega Events due to the prices being at their lowest prices!  Time to restock some items!  Time to cut and compile the coupons!  I tend to have everything pulled and ready before going to the store.  I am not one of those coupon shoppers that brings my entire binder with me to the store.  I think I do better by deciding what we are buying ahead of time to help us stay on track.

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