Saturday, May 07, 2011

YouData: Make Friday a PayDay (Earn $ for viewing ads)

Last week, I received a $1.08 all for spending 2-3 minutes clicking on a few links that they think I viewed.  In reality, I just opened the window and then closed it afterwards!

Have you heard of You Data?
The concept is simple…..Advertisers will pay you to view text ads (and visit the homepage of their website). What I love about YouData is that you can fill out a profile about yourself and give as little (or as much) information as you want……it can be as simple as you are a mom in TX, for example. Hardly any information is required.  Log into your YouData account whenever you want and they will tell you if advertisers are willing to pay you to look at a text ad….this includes companies you’d recognize, small companies and organizations too. I have found some great new companies this way too, especially smaller boutiques.

They pay you to look at an text ad – and you can earn a bit more for clicking over to the website.  You don’t have to stay.

Every Friday, YouData deposits the money in your PayPal account for your activity that week. Safe and consistent. Every Friday

They won’t send you emails or reminders….you just visit them whenever you want. I like that.

How do you Get Started?
SIGN UP: YouData sign-up – click here

CELLPHONE: You’ll need a cell phone number (only for sign-up). They do this in order to make sure you are a live person and aren’t trying to set up multiple accounts. They will text you an activation code…..and that’s it.

PAYPAL account: You’ll need to open a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. Many popular retailers let you order online and pay using PayPal. I love PayPal because I can transfer the money easily into my checking account.

MeFile: Fill out your MeFile (profile) and tell them as much or as little about you as you are comfortable with….what kind of music you like, etc. This will help them get the right ads to you. They don’t want to offer you children’s clothing ads to watch if you have no children.

Sign up your Spouse: You can have 2 active accounts per household….you’ll need separate email addresses and cellphone numbers though so they know you aren’t trying to double dip.

Visit once a week: Remember, what I love most about YouData is that you won’t get emails from them reminding you to visit. If you don’t visit and log-in, you won’t get any $$$, it’s as simple as that. I try to visit each Thursday (right before they send out payments for the week). It takes me no more than 2-3 minutes to view my weekly text ads. Some weeks there may be no ads for your particular demographic….they may be targeting women or men of a certain age that week. There have been weeks where I’ve earned up to $6.00 and some where I earned 20 cents, but little by little you’ll save up that money. Just forget it’s there in your PayPal account til next year!

PAYDAY: Every Friday, usually in the afternoons for me, you’ll receive a notification from PayPal that YouData has sent money to your account for your activity that week.
I just visited and found 9 ads waiting for me! Took me less than 3 minutes… it! I’ve been using YouData since 2010!

YouData sign-up


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