Monday, March 14, 2011

Kindergarten Stories: Week of Mar. 7th - Mar. 11th

Jakob had open house last Thursday and he enjoyed showing everything to us at his school. We visited his classroom first, then he took us to see PE, Art, Music, and the Library.  It sure is hard to believe we are almost finished with the fifth sixth weeks and before you know it he will be finished with Kindergarten!

Here are two papers I liked most that Jakob brought home last week.  The first one is many of Jakob's sight words using many different color crayons.  I'm assuming it was a station where they were writing "Rainbow Sight Words".  I'm really impressed with his handwriting and how neat it is!  The other one is a math worksheet working on subtracting.  I liked how bright and colorful he made this page after he finished the math portion.

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