Monday, June 28, 2010

WICKED at Dallas Summer Musicals!!

I saw Wicked on Saturday with my mom, Mema, and Alicia.  We were about 13 rows from the stage in the orchestra and it was amazing!  It was mom and my second time to see the show, but it was Mema's and Alicia's first time to see the show.  My mom was reading through the playbill for the show and read the The Wizard was played by Richard Kline.  I would not have remembered him if it was not for the notes listed, but he played Jack Tripper's best friend, Larry, on Three's Company!  Since this was my second time to see the show, I really wanted a shirt!  I picked up the green one that said Wicked and cannot wait to wear it!

The first two minutes of the video is really neat!  It goes over behind the scenes information.  From watching the video, I learned it takes three days to assemble the entire stage and 42 trucks to bring all the supplies for the show!

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