Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st: Kroger

I went to Kroger this afternoon to pick up the sale items.  Overall, I saved $39.64 in coupons alone and $104.96 with coupons and sale prices!!  I also have a $20 rebate for a bunch of Kraft and Nabisco items that I am working on putting together.  They had an earlier rebate when school started and this is the second one that started at the beginning of the new year.  I was at the checkout and the lady behind me had her coupon full notebook like the one I keep at home.  I told her I was so amazed at how many people I see at the new Kroger I shop with the big notebooks full of coupons.  She saw my list from Southern Savers and told she thought I was so organized.  I told her it was all in the help from Southern Savers and she was really impressed.  Overall, no picture today, but I saved 50%!  YEAH!!

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