Sunday, June 07, 2009

Keeping busy!

This week I set my pedometer goals for 5000 steps daily and 2000 steps of aerobic walking. My new pedometer I bought from Amazon connects to the computer and keeps track of all of the information. I averaged about 4000 steps daily and 1600 aerobic steps. I only wear the pedometer when we go out and not around the house. Overall, for the week I walked 8 miles. Since starting all of the walking, Jeff and I have both lost about 5 lbs!

This past week was the last week of school and I figured there would not be many teachers out of school needing substitutes. Instead, I enjoyed my last week with Jakob at school since Friday was his last day until August. I had random things to do the entire week including errands and a dentist appointment, so all in all, it's good.

We spent some time at the pool this week! I took Jakob to the pool on Monday and Wednesday. Since Friday was the last day of school, I picked up Roland at 1:00PM and then we had lunch and picked up Jakob. After we got home, we changed into swimming attire and headed to the pool. We spent a good 2 - 2 1/2 hours at the pool on Friday! They have so much fun and hate when I tell them it is time to go.I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday. The appointment was originally next week but I was able to reschedule it since I was trying to take a week off of daycare expenses. Since my dentist appointment, I am learning to floss! I ended up having four fillings in-between my teeth. Where if I had been flossing, it would have helped. I was able to get in quickly and returned on Thursday for my fillings. The fillings are not bad, but the being numb forever sure is a pain! Around 2:30PM, I was still numb and decided to just take a nap since I couldn't eat and I wasn't in the mood to do anything! I remember waking up around 3:30PM and realizing my mouth was almost normal again and deciding to continue my nap though! Finally got up around 4:00, made a peanut butter and jelly and went to get Jakob from school!

Wednesday night was the free rootbeer float from Sonic after 8PM. Jakob rode his bike and Jeff and I walked with him all the way to Sonic. It is about a 3 miles roundtrip. They sure were busy, but were handling the crowd well. Jakob was not sure of the ice cream and said, "I don't like this ice cream." We told him we were going to get ice cream. He does not drink soda so the rootbeer float was something new! They did not put a lot of ice cream with the rootbeer so it was primarily rootbeer, but was still good.
On Saturday, we went to the Lewisville Library for their Summer Reading Kickoff event. It was really busy which is good, but I was surprised with the number of people. I got the boys signed up for their summer reading challenges and Roland found a few books. Jakob picked up some Transformers books, but they are getting returned tomorrow. We needed those books for the short term process of waiting in line for the freebies, but are way over his head for understanding! Saturday evening we headed over to a friends house for a dinner party. Jakob got to play with 3 of his other friends, while we all visited, had spaghetti with great desert, and laughed and laughed! There is about 6 of us that have met from Children's Courtyard that we all get along really well and have been getting together to let the kids play while we all visit and have a good time too!

We went rock climbing today at Summit Climbing Gym in Grapevine, TX. We met up with Daniel, Jeff's brother, and the five of us climbed! I sent an email with a link for pictures because there are many great pictures! Jakob took over the photography and did well on most pictures...however, I did delete a lot of pictures before uploading them to send out! He was having a blast taking the pictures of everyone climbing. Jakob did okay climbing, but think he was a little apprehensive about the harness around him. He did go about twice his height on the wall and you'll see that in the pictures. Roland enjoyed every minute of climbing! Jeff and I were glad that Daniel mentioned it because we sure enjoyed doing it. It was something different and we figured if Jakob does it again, he would probably do better at it. I had found a coupon on that saved us 20% off our cost today, so pretty much paid for Jakob between the 5 of us that climbed today! I posted all of the pictures to my gallery.

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