Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kroger: May 20th

I went to Kroger last night to pick up the current specials with coupons. I did well and wanted to report my overall savings. I was tired when I came home, so no time for a picture. Here are my good purchases.

Green Giant Boxed Frozen Vegetables $1 ea
-.50/2 Green Giant Boxed Veges SS 4/05 (makes it .50¢ ea)
-.50 Green Giant shortcuts e coupon

5 - Banquet or Michelina’s Entrees, 5-10 oz, $1 ea
-$1/5 Michelina Entrees printable (makes it .80¢ ea)

2 - Kool-Aid or Country Time Drink Mix or Tang,8 qt, $1 ea
-$1/2 Kool Aid Canisters printable (makes it .50¢ ea)

2 - Dial or Kroger Liquid Soap, 7.5 oz, $1 ea
-.35/1 Dial Soap SS 3/08, 5/17 (makes it FREE)
The Dial I found had 50% more free for the same $1 price too!

Scotch-Brite Sponges, 1 ct, $1 ea
-.75/2 Scotch Brite Sponges RP 5/10

3 - Kraft BBQ Sauce $1 ea
-$1 off Kraft BBQ Sauce printable (makes it FREE)
-$0.75/1 Kraft BBQ Sauce coupon (makes it $0.25)
The Kraft BBQ Sauce I found at Kroger had 55% more free for the same $1 price too!

Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunch Meat, 7-9 oz, $3.50 ea
-$1 off Deli Shaved Meats printable

Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Lunchables, 10.55-12.45 oz, $2.33 ea
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Luchables with drink printable

Lloyd’s Shredded BBQ or Chi Chi’s Taco Meat, 18-20 oz, B1G1 Free
-.75/1 Lloyd’s BBQ Tub SS 5/17

Healthy Choice or Marie Callender’s Dinners, 6-17 oz, $1.88 ea
-$1 off any Healthy Choice Natural Entree printable (makes it .88¢ ea)
-$1/2 Healthy Choice Meals SS 4/05 or printable
-.50/1 Marie Callender’s Al dente shortcuts e coupon
-.50/1 Healthy Choice Natural’s
shortcuts e coupon (use with paper coupon makes it .33¢)

2 - All or Wisk Detergent, 32-40 load, $3.99 ea
-$1 off All Detergent printable

Pedigree Dentastix $3.89
-$2.50 off Dentastix shortcuts eCoupon
-$2.50 off Dentastix RP 4/19 or
printable (use together makes it FREE plus overage)

Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent $2.99
-$2.50 coupon (makes it $0.50 cents!)
Find other coupons here

2 - Salad Blend $2.50
-$1.00 shortcuts eCoupon
-$1.00 shortcuts eCoupon
-$1.00 coupon (makes it $1.00 each)

Kroger Russet Potatoes,10 lb Bag, $3.99 ea

Kroger Gallon Milk $1.99 ea

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $119.15
Total After Store Savings: $96.50
Total Spent: $63.15
Total Saved: $56.00 or 47%

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