Monday, May 05, 2008

Jakob will visit the dentist...

The other day, Jakob took a decent fall. I had him stand up and proceeded to check for any scrapes or blood. We looked at his arms, legs, and even his mouth. No blood, nothing really. I was actually pretty surprised as active as he is. Well, today at his school, they noticed an upper front tooth was loose!! I am suspecting it was from his fall from over the weekend. Jeff and I put some Oragel on his gums to help with any soreness. I was able to schedule an impromptu dentist appointment at Kids Dental in Coppell at 1:30PM on Tuesday. The receptionist was so sweet on the phone and said most likely if it was loose it would end up falling out but checked with the doctor and stated to have him come in for an X-Ray to make sure everything else was okay. He had his first dentist appointment this past March for a normal regular cleaning/check-up in Plano. It does not really seem like it is bothering him too much. Jakob has an easy day tomorrow and I am undecided if he will attend school. He has a haircut at 11:00AM and then the dentist appointment at 1:30PM. Since I am graduating, Jakob's last day of school is this Friday, May 9th. He will return to school in the upcoming school year in August.

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