Friday, November 23, 2007

2007 Christmas Letter

This year has flown by rather quickly! Beginning in January, Jeff and I continued our education at the University of North Texas. He was enrolled in six credit hours and I was enrolled in fifteen during the Spring 2007 semester. In January, I visited the College of Education’s Teacher Education Macintosh computer lab and lucked into a job position working in the computer lab. The position was convenient because I was able to work on homework when the lab was not busy with other task or people to help. Overall, Jeff and I finished the semester well.

On February 1, 2007, Jakob turned 2. We scheduled a birthday party at the local McDonalds in Lewisville. Since we moved to Lewisville in November 2006, we had other daycare choices. April 2007, Jeff and I decided to move Jakob to the Children’s Courtyard. His new school is larger than his old school and has a lower teacher-student ratio.

Summer was here before we knew it and that meant more school! I had six credit hours to complete before starting the first half of my student teaching. I was able to enroll in both of my classes in June. Jeff was also enrolled in six credit hours between the two summer sessions. I ended up working in the computer lab in July and Roland enjoyed visiting the computer lab with me. He was quite spoiled since he was able allowed to play computer games for part of the day!

In late August, the Fall 2007 semester began. This semester has proven to be a challenging one for me, but I am almost finished. I started PDS 1 (Professional Development School) and it is the first half of my student teaching training needed to receive my degree. Between my school district choices, I was assigned to the Lewisville ISD. For college credit hours, I am currently enrolled in twelve credit hours. However, besides college courses which I have on Mondays and Tuesdays; Wednesdays and Thursdays I work an internship at my assigned school within LISD. My first rotation was with 5th graders at Degan Elementary and I am currently working with 8th graders at Huffines Middle School. Around October, I found out I was awarded a $1000 General Academic Scholarship. There was a scholarship award dinner on November 1st to celebrate the award.

I turned 27 this year on September 30th and Jeff hit the big 30 on October 21st. We also celebrated five years of marriage on October 19th. My mom and dad watched Jakob and Jeff and I took a weekend trip to San Antonio, TX. Our six year old black Labrador, Tito, spent the week in Abilene with Lana and Greg!

We stayed at the Sheraton Gunther Hotel in downtown San Antonio. It was only a few blocks away from the RiverWalk. We were walking distance from the excitement and we were able to do extra things since we did not have the kids with us!

Roland will turn eleven years old on December 1st! He started the 5th grade at Beverly Elementary in Plano this past August. Roland continues to play soccer in Plano. He played during the Spring 2007 season and enjoyed it.

And for the most exciting news for the year! Jeff will graduate from the University of North Texas on December 15th with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Computer Information Systems! Back in August, Jeff and I made the decision for him to leave GameStop. This allowed him to enroll in his fifteen remaining hours in one semester instead of two. He has had many job interviews with perspective employers looking to hire for January 2008. It should work nicely because after he is hired at a new company, I will know which school districts to apply to next March during their job fairs.

The upcoming year is approaching us quickly! Before you know it, Jakob will turn three and I will have graduated too! We will possibly begin looking at houses beginning in the New Year. We hope everyone has had a wonderful 2007!

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