Thursday, August 31, 2006

Upstairs bathroom plumbing fixed

The plumbing was not actually messed up but the old shower faucet was sorta broken. The old handle had two parts, one to adjust the temperature and the other to control the water pressure. The piece that was broken was the temperature part. It could do a whole 360 degrees and reverse the cold and hot. So Jeff and I bought a nice new MOEN shower set and had Skinner Plumbing from The Colony install it.

The other major things to finish is to patch the hole in the bathroom where a hole had to be cut to install new pipes (the other stuff was old, so good to have new ones), paint our stair hallway, replace the sliding door, and replace a few boards on the deck out back and stain it. It sounds like a lot, but I'm hoping this one handy man recommendation from our realtor is reasonable on the painting and fixing the bathroom wall and that takes care of that chore! Jeff and I already called Greg, Jeff's dad, and they are coming next weekend to help with the backdoor. We are buying french doors to replace the sliding glass door since the door is off and does not shut unless you lock it! :)

I already have a bunch of the little stuffed packed! I have an empty book shelf in the living room but Melody said not to leave it completly empty, so I'm putting my school stuff on the shelfs and will find a few fall decorations to go there too. The good thing about packing all the small stuff is it will sure help keep it clean while it's on the market.

College is going good so far. Staying pretty busy between school, packing, and a few mystery shops. I'm taking 16 hours this semester. I'm in Education of Exceptional Learners (learning how to educate kids with disabilities), Foundations of School Curriculum, Linguistics, Conceptual Physics, and Art for Children.

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