Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A/C running cool

We have ac in our house again! The thermostat says it is 84 currently. I can handle that since it is continuing to cool off from being over 100+ degrees! And I was really tired of the hotel…I was ready to be home! Amy watched Jakob this afternoon so I could run and get the stuff out of the hotel and then Jeff and I went back this evening to get a few things from the fridge. Tomorrow, I’ll get the other few items from the fridge and check out of the hotel. So nice to be home!

Jakob and I went by The Colony Public Library today to pick up my books and I found another while I was at it! I picked up Beach House by James Patterson, One for the Money by Janet Evanovich, and Angles Fall by Nora Roberts! I just finished 1st to Die by James Patterson which is the 1st book of a series. That one is neat because he has 4 women that work together to solve the crimes. I started One for the Money yesterday, but then got excited with the extras, and started Beach House this afternoon. Figured I could switch the order of the reading! I have some free reading time for another week and half.

And luckily, my Dell batteries from my laptop are not showing up as needing to be recalled. I kept the screen shot that it said they did not need it in case something does happen I can say “I tried!”

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