Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last Sunday of July

Well, last week was the 3rd week of 5 for Summer 2. We are now down to 2! Yeah!

Last Monday, Jakob got bit at school, not once, but two times officially and one time almost on the back. The one that was attempted on his back was seen and accounted for but his two on his arms the teacher did not know they were there. Initially when I was picking him up, the teacher realized he had a bite on his right arm and we went to office to report it and she put together an incident report. As I was talking to one of his previous teachers (12-16 month room teacher) she noticed his other arm had a bite! I was like goodness! I went back in and showed Stephanie (current teacher) and she added it to the report. At this point I was upset because he had 2 bites on his arm that his teacher did not know were there and when she finished with the report I was like I’d like to add comments under “Parent Comments”. I told them that I understood that from time to time bites would happen but I was upset that between the classrooms he had been in during the day that either teacher did not notice or were not reporting the incident.

When I walked in Monday to pick Jakob up, Gage was just on another kid’s ear and Stephanie was pulling him off of him. I suspected he did the others and through talking to multiple people, looks like Gage was the culprit! J I have nothing really against Gage and I see its unfortunate he is going through that phase. I’m not sure but something happened Tuesday after Jakob was bitten and found out he was the one who bit Aurora on the cheek the previous week. So after Tuesday’s incident with the other kid, Gage was placed on suspension and if he continues the school will actually kick him out. There used to be another kid, Topher, which was a biter in Jakob’s 12-16 month room that I have not seen for a while so he’s either not there b/c of summer or because of the same problems.

Monday evening, Jeff and I ordered a DELL laptop at 30% off with a few other discounts! It should be here tomorrow as it shipped this past Thursday. I’m really excited about it and it should come in handy with some of my lecture classes to be able to take notes directly on it.

I also received test grades back for the first round of test I took about a week and half ago now. I made a 93% on my Geography Test 1, 98% on Business Calculus Test 1, and 100% on both quizzes from my lab for geography. I took a geography test this past Thursday and I think I did ok but not sure if I made an A. We started the material on Monday, finished on Wednesday, and took the test the past Thursday. This weekend, I started preparing for the next test by starting learning and writing the definitions on flashcards. I think that will help since majority of the definitions will be covered on the next test, and it should be easier knowing the topics that we will discuss.

I started reading 1st To Die by James Patterson today. I started it while we drove to meet Mom halfway in Hillsboro. I realized when looking at the USA top book sales that one of the books listed was actually the 4th of the series, so I decided to check out the 1st book of the series from the library first. Roland is spending the week with mom and dad and he was so excited to go! He brought his GameCube and TONS of games to play while there. I reminded him that they would do things outside of the house…but I think he’s excited to play games in general too! Lol

Jakob will be 18 months on Tuesday. Sure hard to believe! Next thing it’ll be Christmas and his birthday and he’ll be 2. Halloween should be fun this year with him all dressed up walking around. Jakob’s newest fascination is markers and crayons. The markers are the special kind, but those he likes to carry around and put them in something and take out of something. The crayons he enjoys coloring on paper!

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