Sunday, June 26, 2005

College and upcoming painting!

Nothing much happened last week for me. My classes are doing good so far. I'm almost finished with my Biology class. I have 3 more official quizzes to take. I took one about an hour ago, and didn't score as high as I would have liked. You get 2 chances at the quiz and the 2nd test stands. I plan on rereading a few sections of the chapter and retaking it tomorrow. My other goal is to finish my research paper this week before going on our 4th of July weekend. We are planning to go to Lake Brownwood with Jeff's parents. I'm quite excited because I can ski again (Last year, I was pregnant with Jakob)! I need to pick up a floater thing for Jakob sometime this week before we go. I figured I would take a break from Biology and look at my Growth Development class. Have 2 chapters to read and then a bunch of assignments due by July 14th. I am excited about finishing this semester. The Biology class started in May, and then they both officially end at the end of July.

Jeff and I went to Home Depot on Saturday, and I picked out an idea/theme for Jakob's room (and even got some ideas for Roland's too!). For Jakob's room, I think I'd like to paint the bottom 1/3 of it a tanish color, and then the top 2/3 a light blue (sky) color. From there, I want a divider thing on the wall painted a darker tan. Then in long term, around the trim (probably slightly above), a painted vine or something. We looked at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I found some cute things. I probably won't get to the stenciling for quite some time. With school, I have decided I cannot paint until August. Possibly early mornings and evenings. The room is really small and most of the work would be in the prepping stage. One of his walls is practically the closet. Hmm, thinking about the closet, I don't know the color of that yet. I'll probably end up sketching out some ideas. His room already has 6 framed baby animals hanging in the room and I found more bigger animal pictures that I could frame for the other walls long term. The great thing is I checked my supplies in the garage, and we still have a decent amount of the things needed...paintbrushes, rollers, drop cloths, putty for nail holes, liquid sander, etc. So to get the room going, it'll only really cost the price of paint, which is about $20-25 per gallon. I'm so excited to get started!!

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