Saturday, December 03, 2011

Yummy Apples

Ashlyn eating rice cereal and apples on 11/27/11.
Ashlyn successfully had apples with rice cereal this week with her breakfast and at dinner time.  She started with about 2 tsp of rice cereal and 1/3 of the apples.  Then as the week progressed she continued to want a little more.  For the end of this week, she ate 1/2 of the apples and a good 4 tsp of rice cereal.  The cereal and fruit is sure helping her though for overnight.  She is back to sleeping through the night!  She has been a little sick and is almost finally over all of it!  The last few nights she has woken up at 4am to cough, but goes right back to sleep after giving her the pacifier.  This morning she slept until 6am after going to bed at 9pm, other than waking up once due to coughing.  Since it has been a good week on the same food with no reactions, I am going to try a different fruit or vegetable tonight.

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