Monday, December 19, 2011

$971.17 Coupons to Atsugi, Japan

Over $970 worth of Coupons
Another month has gone by and I have pulled my expired coupons to send to military over in Japan.  So far since starting in July, I have sent over $3200 worth of coupons to Japan for the men and women serving overseas in the military!  If you would like to learn how to do the same, visit the Overseas Coupon Program website.  It's easy to do and I send monthly using First Class Mail.  It cost me about $1.50 to send them the coupons monthly.  I figure I save enough money using the ones I do that I can afford to send them rather than recycle or trash them. 

Last month, I was too busy to add them up so I just put them in an envelope and shipped them off.  The reason they would like you to approximate the total of coupons is so they know if they need more adoptions or if they are good!  I personally send to Atsugi, Japan because my brother was stationed there majority of his time while stationed overseas.

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