Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jakob's Pre-K Graduation and Many Other Details!

Jeff and I cooked BBQ Ribs on Sunday.  They were so good!  Last Tuesday, I worked on some of my coupons and scrapbooked a little.  I began two more cards and I am almost done with them.  I also received the new Twilight Eclipse book in the mail.  I had been waiting on the mass market print of the book since I prefer reading regular sized paperbacks.  I am still working on reading Wicked and realize I'll have more time after this week is finished!

My garden is getting bigger and bigger everyday! I am amazed when I look back at previous pictures I took when I first planted it.  I am having to check for tomatoes and water right at everyday now!  I realized yesterday the cucumbers vines were much longer than I realized and helped hook them to the cage so they will have more space!  They stretched out to the support in the picture below.  There are many cucumbers beginning on each vine!  From what I can see of the carrot tops, they are getting bigger and bigger.  I believe the seed package stated 70 days for maturity, so I have a few more weeks before pulling them out of the ground.  This section in my backyard is perfect for my garden!  In the evening, I thought it was funny because the entire backyard was in the shade except for my garden!  It gets so much direct sunlight!  Once summer is finished, I'll have to figure out what to plant next!

During the week, Jakob played outside with side walk chalk and then enjoyed riding his bicycle.  It sure is nice living on the cul-de-sac.  I sat out in a chair working on creating my semester exam answer to key for science while he played.  It was not too hot sitting in the shade.  It sure has been hot for not being June.  I still need to create my math semester exam key, so maybe I'll complete it the same way while sitting outside getting some fresh air.

Jakob has attended Kids Corral since we moved to our new home.  This past Friday was their Pre-K graduation.  They all hand graduation caps on and walked onto the stage following Mrs. Teresa.  They sang a few songs and danced before receiving their certificates!  It was so cute.  I posted a VIDEO on my blog of them singing, so cute!  He took some great pictures with his two main teachers,  Mrs. Teresa and Ms. Brenda.  Jakob has one more week of school before summer starts!

Jakob had his ice skating lessons yesterday.  He did much better than the week prior.  One of the guys tends to work with Jakob and is so patience.  Jakob fell down and one of the things the students have to learn is how to get up from the ice without help.  I think Jakob spent a good 3-5 minutes trying to get up and started to get frustrated.  However, then after continuing to try over and over, Jakob got up on his own! He was so proud and you can see it in the pictures!

I hope everyone has a great week! We have a three day weekend due to Memorial Holiday Weekend.  Then I have 4 more working days before my summer vacation! I am so excited!  I am slowly getting everything finished and ready for this upcoming week.  I have to complete specific things and people have to sign off a sheet before you can leave for summer.  Students are taking semester exams this week and have early release all week!

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