Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emergency Rooms are NOT Fun!

Jakob started Vacation Bible School at the United Methodist church near us this past week. He went each day except Wednesday, to let him rest after the long night in the ER. He had fun while there. They did many activities and created many crafts. He also brought home things that were made by others and has continued playing with the random things. His two favorite things are a riced filled water bottle with objects inside and a stuffed green turtle. They also took a picture of everyone in his class on Tuesday and created a cute frame too!

On Tuesday, I cleaned our balcony while Jakob was at VBS. Since Jakob enjoys playing in the sand, I had sand over most of the balcony. I had forgotten about the sand in the container and the lid was off of it. When I walked outside to begin the process, I noticed these bugs coming out and flying in the sand! I jumped and shrieked initially...then I was carefully trying to determine what they were. I first thought they were those flying ants, but later ruled it out. I never figured out what exact bug was making a home in Jakob's sand, but they all were killed with bug spray and/or flew away! Okay, so the toys that were sitting on the sand container were thrown away. Partially because I was grossed out from the bugs, but more importantly I had sprayed bug spray on them. I carefully picked up the other random sand toys and they came into the house and were soaped down and bleached! As I continued to ensure the bugs were dead, I swept up all the sand and cleaned the container. Later, the container came into the house and it too was drenched in the bathtub and bleached! My balcony is quite clean right now, except for the colored marks from sidewalk chalk on the concrete!!

As many of you already know, Jakob fell down Tuesday evening on the stairs. We were returning from swimming and were on the way to the apartment. He had been worrying about two toes on his right foot. Somehow he had blisters on them, which I am not sure how he got those since we spent most the time in the big pool. Anyhow, we didn't get up 1 step before it happened. When he fell, I felt so bad because he was crying and I said to get up. I had not realized his hands had not caught him and he actually landed rough! At that point I realized what happened and quickly carried him upstairs where Jeff and I got him changed and stopped the bleeding. The poor thing hit right below his right eyebrow. We got him out of swim trunks and into pajamas so we would not have to change him later not knowing what time we might get home from the emergency room. I quickly changed from my swimsuit and we were off to the Medical Center of Lewisville. After everything was said and done, he had 4 stitches. We were on the way home after 11:00PM after him falling shortly after 7:00PM. He has done well this week after falling and hasn't had a major reaction to it. He did tell Roland tonight a little about the fall and reenacted some of his crying (when he fake cries, it is too funny!) and how he told the doctors he needed a bandaid! During the whole event, Jakob kept saying he wanted to eat and he wanted a cheeseburger. Since it was way to late to eat, I took him to Whataburger on Wednesday. Since Tuesday night, we have been keeping the Neosporin and his Transformer bandaids on it. He has really enjoyed wearing the Transformer bandaids! It has been healing well and I have been brave and took a few pictures of it each day so we could see the difference each day. Looking back, it is amazing how much it has already healed. I did pretty good throughout the whole event. At the hospital, the doctors and nurse said how impressed they were of me. They said normally moms have a hard time. I was down near his feet rubbing his legs and continued to talk to him to keep him calm during the event. However, when we were completely done, I became queasy and had to sit for a moment. I suppose the adrenaline wore off, but was better after a little water and sitting down for a moment. I must say I was more relieved after talking to Mom and Mema when they both asked me if he also had a black eye. His eye has shifted colors in the previous days, but them asking me made me know it was common! As of this evening, he is down to 2 stitches left. He lost 1 early on, but it was the bottom stitch and from looking at the area, it looked sealed. This evening after dinner, I went to change his bandaid and to put more Neosporin on it and realized the center stitch remaining was missing. Again, the overall area appears sealed and the hospital had said the stitches were to come out in 5 days (Sunday), but they are officially coming out on Monday. We will continue to put Neosporin on it to help from major scarring.

We decided to rearrange our apartment on Wednesday night! My computer was in the bedroom along with my scrapbook table (aka: card table). We had a loveseat couch in the living room that we thought might fit in our bedroom if we moved things around. I grabbed the measuring tape and found it would fit. It would be wonderful if the master bedroom was a little bigger, but it works. The living room looks especially larger with moving the love seat out of it. The bedroom has a cozy feel to me now and have actually went in the bedroom to read sitting on the couch. We tend to rearrange at random times. It sure is a great way to vacuum and freshen things up! I need to take a picture of the living room, but I was still finishing it up yesterday. Today, I took some time to scrapbook and created a few layouts.
On Friday, we all attended Roland's summer band camp concert. He attended all week from 8:00AM-12:00PM. I think he enjoyed it, based on what he said. Jakob enjoyed listening to the concert. When we first walked in, Roland's band was warming up on stage. Jakob covered his ears as normal and said it was too loud! He has done that at the other two concerts during the school year. However, after we got in there and sitting down he stopped covering his ears. He was quite excited listening to the songs Roland played. The other band played a few more songs including the theme from Transformers. Can you guess Jakob loved that song too?

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