Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend updater

I had an interview for a MATH tutoring position last Tuesday and I think it went good. However from the message it was $8/hr and 8 hours a week. What I did not know is you actually take the course you are tutoring in (3 hrs), then tutor (3 hrs), and then have 2 hrs to work on preparing and other things. Well, I am already enrolled in 16 hours of school in the Fall and that does take into accountability my 2 labs in that 16 hours of physical classes. So I am not really interested in taking ANOTHER class along with the others that I actually NEED for my degree. Nice thought and it would be nice if I had the free time, but at the moment, I think I’ll pass if they call and offer it. I suspect I did fine during the interview but I’m sure when they call they will tell me that my hours do not fit what they are looking for.

I’m down to 2 more weeks of the first summer semester! I know there are only 5 weeks for the classes, but it seems like the past 3 weeks have flown by! I have done well in both of the classes and should finish with A’s in both classes.

Next Friday, unless weather is not cooperating, Jeff, Roland, and I will probably go to Six Flags. We have not been for quite some time. Jeff is on vacation next week and Roland is with us for most of the next month. We figured we would go drop Jakob off at his school that day and then go to Six Flags for however long. Hopefully it will not be too hot, we’ll see.

Then next weekend, we are going to Lake Brownwood to see Jeff’s family and have our 4th of July time period at the lake. I always look forward to water skiing and having a good time.

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